America’s urban communities have a historic opportunity for change in a direction that dramatically improve all our communities. The Emerging Technology Consortium believes that technology is the catalyst that can transform all of our communities by creating globally competitive companies. These companies will create the jobs that will change peoples lives and therefore their communities. If technology can transform third world countries it certainly can do it in America’s urban centers. Our cities must leverage their assets (universities) as a foundation for economic change that can bring prosperity to all urban areas.


Bridging the gap between Federal policy and State economic plans and transforming America’s Urban Centers. The Emerging Technology Consortium (ETC) is a non profit organization dedicated to using technology and innovation to create opportunities in urban communities.  The ETC believes that all communities can participate and gain the benefits of innovation.  Read more.


The Emerging Technology Consortium authored the DC Economic Partnership, a Technology Incubator Study.  The study was an analysis of the technology assets and research capabilities of the colleges and universities located in the District of Columbia.  The study then outlined a business plan to implement an incubator in the City.  The ETC sponsored the Emerging Technology Opportunity Act of 2007 and participated in the introduction of the DC Competitiveness Act of 2010. The Consortium has participated in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the District of Columbia Government.   The ETC is working with the following municipalities to create innovative/technology based economic development strategies for all communities: Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Prince George’s County MD and Washington DC.

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